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Powdery | Free Lightroom Preset

We present to you our new preset called POWDERY. The preset will appeal to those who like a little white powdery haze in their photos. You can use this preset for any of your photos, with any color scheme, but do not forget to edit the preset settings: exposure, contrast, blacks, whites, to match your photos to make the preset look perfect.

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You can choose the option that is better for you below
  1. You can follow this step-by-step guide to create a preset
  2. You can edit photos by yourself, watching our videos
  3. You can download our presets for free, but for this you need to carefully watch the video and remember the password (****) for downloading the preset in DNG format. Attention! The password appears only if you watch the video on YouTube, on this website (only on computer’s browsers) or on YouTube app.
  4. You can also buy set of presets like this. Look at the items down below
Download the Preset

How to create POWDERY Preset for mobile Lightroom | Guide

For POWDERY preset you can choose any photos.

1. Choose your photo

Please choose a photo that we will transform in a powdery style. How to add a photo, you can see here

01 Powdery Lightroom Preset
01 Powdery Lightroom Preset

2. Light correction

We’ll be tweaking the light for our photo with our indispensable tone curves. Today we will use three curves: red, green, and blue.

3. Color correction

We adjust the color scheme in very beautiful, harmonious shades, with a slightly grayish dusting.

4. Effects editing

We add clarity effect.

5. Detail correction

We add sharpening, masking, color noise reduction.

6. Preset is ready

POWDERY preset is ready.

01 Powdery Lightroom Preset
19 Powdery Lightroom Preset

7. Save your preset

Don’t forget to save the preset, for further use the presets in one click on your photos. 

Do you like powder style photography? Cool, we too! See our other POWDERY presets on demand, and download our professional Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop presets for free. And if you have not found the preset you like, leave your comment with a request for the preset that you want us to develop for you, and on Monday you will choose the winner at the weekly vote.

Watch the video how to create Powdery Lightroom preset | Tutorial

Download the Preset

To download the Preset for free you need to have a password which appears twice on the top right corner during the video

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October 29, 2021

Amazing presets, nice people, very helpful. I purchased 2 more presets and all of them just fantastic!!!

October 22, 2021

This preset is mad pretty, makes me want to go and get myself a couple of rolls of cinestill 800t

Souad Bakri
Souad Bakri
May 16, 2021

Good for me. I got what I need.

Yessi Rojas
Yessi Rojas
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