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You asked us to create a preset with an emphasis on red for CHRISTMAS and a preset based on the Instagram profile of @LULOUISAA. We made such a preset, and today we will show you step by step how you can create exactly the same preset as ours. Let’s start!

You can choose the option that is better for you below

  1. You can edit photos by yourself, watching our videos
  2. You can download our presets for free, but for this you need to carefully watch the video and remember the password (****) for downloading the preset in DNG format. Attention! The password appears only if you watch the video on YouTube, on this website (only on computer’s browsers) or on YouTube app.
  3. You can follow this step-by-step guide to creating a preset

NOTICE: If you have any troubles with downloading, please try to use Google Chrome browser for Android Platform or Safari for iOS Platform.



How to create CHRISTMAS for mobile Lightroom | Guide

For CHRISTMAS preset we recommend using photos with red, green, white, gold details.

1. Choose your photo

Perhaps you have some similar photo as in our example, if not, choose any other winter photo at home or on the street.


2. Light correction

We will be adjusting the light correction based on the photo from the Instagram profile of the blogger Louisa.

3. Color correction

We set up the color correction exactly as in our example. When we create a preset based on a blogger’s profile, we always select one particular photo and create a preset based on it.

4. Detail correction

Add color noise reduction, noise reduction.

5. Preset is ready

CHRISTMAS preset is ready.

6. Save this preset

If you still don’t know how to save a preset, see this article. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are always happy to help!

As you can see, we managed to create a @LULOUISAA style preset and a New Year preset at the same time. We hope you are satisfied.

Watch the video how to create Christmas Lightroom preset | Tutorial


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