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PRIME TONE Lightroom Preset


This set of presets is created in a dark blue color scheme, secondary colors: orange, yellow, red. We thought out all the colors and shades for you, and created a truly professional and harmonious color correction not only for your photos, but also for your videos. You do not need to waste time creating harmonious shades, we did everything for you. This set includes 6 variants of professional Lightroom and Photoshop presets. There are presets for a beautiful, shimmering skin tone. We recommend using these presets for urban photography, indoor photography, outdoor photography, portrait photography.

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Before & After
Move the slider to see the comparison between the photographs
PRIME TONE Lightroom Preset
PRIME TONE Lightroom Preset
What you get
Get the same color correction for your videos
Buy LUTs for After Effects and Premier Pro with the same color correction to make you content in the same style